Hi! I'm Matt Longstaff and I love using creativity and technology to solve problems for people. This drive quickly lead me to the world of advertising, where problems are called "briefs" and the ways of solving them requires imaginative and original thinking. When the digital revolution came I quickly jumped aboard, varying my work to include websites, apps, interactive experiences and VR.

Being from the Nintendo Generation, I draw a lot from game theory to produce work that is entertaining for the end user and useful for the client. I visualize the creative process as a Mario level; getting the client (Mario) to the princess (desired outcome) while avoiding all obstacles and pitfalls along the way (you can work these out).

I’m currently based in the US (California to be specific) and can almost write the word “color” without suffering a weird spasm over my left eye. I’m still working on “sidewalk”…


I take breaks from work
by doing more work

I believe that personal projects can greatly enhance your professional projects, giving you a wider expanse of material to draw from when coming up with ideas. I also enjoy collaborating with other creatives to see how they work and get an insight into their specialisms. To this end I have worked with developers to produce entertainment websites, Kickstarted 2 books with an illustrator, written for, co-host a semi-regular podcast on ambient/drone music and am currently collaborating with a game developer on a game that takes advantage of Apple's Siri AI as the control interface.


REcognition for cognition

2008 Campaign BIG Awards
FMCG Gold: Trident Gum Website

2008 Midsummer Awards
Best Viral: Pot Noodle "The Tipping Pot"

2008 Creativity Awards
Gold: Pot Noodle "The Tipping Pot"

2009 Clio Awards
Gold for Innovative Use Of Technology: Fiat "Eco:Drive"

2009 FAB Awards
Best Viral: Pot Noodle "The Tipping Pot"

2010 Campaign BIG Awards
Gold: Xbox "Lips No.1 Hits" 

2010 Creative Review
Best of 2010: Xbox "Lips No.1 Hits"

2012 IAB Awards
Grand Prix: MTV "Under The Thumb"

2012 Cannes Lions
Bronze Mobile Lion: MTV "Under The Thumb"

2013 The One Show Awards
MTV "Under The Thumb" 

2013 Design Week Awards
Gold: MTV "Under The Thumb

2014 IAB Awards
Grand Prix: Nissan "IDx"

2014 Design Week
Best Digital Installation: Nissan "IDx"

2015 MIXX Europe Awards
Silver: Nissan "IDx"

2017 Campaign Creative Tech Awards
Platinum: The Great British Music Showdown

2019 D&AD Awards
Gold: Oakley “It’s OK” - Cinematography
Graphite: Oakley “It’s OK” - Original Score

2019 Cannes Lions
Silver: Oakley “It’s OK” - Cinematography

2019 Ciclope
Best Original Music: Oakley “It’s OK”
Best Cinematography: Oakley “It’s OK”



Over the last few years I've had the opportunity to get away from my desk and share some thoughts and feelings with the wider AdLand community...

I was keynote speaker at the SEMPL17 seminar on media trends in 2015 and in the same year I was on a Design Week panel discussing how to build and maintain creative teams. I also joined the DMA's campaign for Great British copywriting as a 'maven' in their broadcast debate on YouTube.

I have also been on the IAB judging panel for the last two years and have also judged at the Creative Circle and the Webbys. 

I am a keen supporter of the next generations of creatives and have lectured at Bucks New Uni, Watford, The LCC and Central St. Martins about the changing face of advertising in a post-internet age. I am also a regular contributor to the Young Creative Council website and try to do at least 1 book crit with a young team a week. I also work with The One Show boot camp initiative whenever it comes to London.